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Welcome to the Trinity Lodge No: 4751 website

Trinity Lodge is a freemasons’ lodge meeting at Freemasons’ Hall, Darlington, County Durham. The aim of this website is to give you a small flavour of who we are and what freemasonry is to enable a better understanding of our aims and values as freemasons.


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Trinity 4751 is a very friendly masonic lodge with members from all walks of life who contribute to their communities through their skills, professionalism and benevolence. Our ages range from young men in their early twenties to those in their mid nineties but one thing we all have in common, irrespective of age, is our desire to spread brotherly love, offer relief and maintain truth in all we do – words you will see many times when you research masonry in general.

How often do we meet?

Trinity Lodge meet once a month for eight months of the year. We do not meet from June through to August nor December. Our meetings commence at 6.45 pm every fourth Wednesday of the month with the exception of what we call Installation Night, the night we ceremoniously install our new leader called a Worshipful Master. This meeting starts at 5.30pm and is usually held in October.

I am interested in becoming a Freemason. How can I find out more?

Well, a good starting point is having a look around this web site as there is information about this lodge and links to Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham (our regional body) and United Grand Lodge of England (our national body). Importantly, there is also a primer page Freemasonry within the site complete with an informative video of what freemasonry means to some people. Please use our contact us page if you would like to make a general enquiry.

Craft Aprons

Craft Aprons of an Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft & Master Mason

Did you know?
The Masonic apron is the badge of membership for Freemasons. It symbolises the protective apron worn by stonemasons and in its original form was a complete lambskin. When a member joins he completes three ceremonies or ‘degrees’. After finishing the first he receives a plain white apron, for completing the second the apron has sky blue rosettes on the lower corners. The master mason’s apron with its sky blue edges and rosettes is the sign of completing the degree ceremonies.
Charity: The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is dedicated to helping people in need, and has donated over £100 million since 1980. Each year, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity provides relief grants for hundreds of individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty, as well as donating millions of pounds to nationwide charitable projects and services. Find out more here: Freemasons Charities


2016 marked the beginning of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham’s Festival 2021 whereby all the freemasons of Durham Province have committed themselves to raising money for charity over the next 5 years. In this case, the beneficiaries will be the The Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls who are committed to helping young people across the country achieve their full potential irrespective of the challenges of life and circumstance. Find out more here: Festival 2021 Web Site.